Life Coaching Testimonials

“Debbie has really helped me remain positive in my journey from completing a diploma
in counselling to getting my first client.  I’d finished the course and was feeling
a little lost, lacking in confidence and unsure of where to start. With Debbie’s help I have 
found ways to keep on track in starting up my business and have grown in confidence.”
– Bryony, Colchester

“Being coached by Debbie is a wonderful experience because she is understanding, encouraging and very supportive. I always feel better after our coaching sessions and I’m so glad I found her!”
– Mikki

Tarot Testimonials

“Debbie’s reading really clarified my question. Her profound knowledge of her cards and their meaning is second to none. I’ve had a few Tarot readings before but Debbie’s does stand out in that there was no confusion in the answers to my question and no doubt that the cards really reflected my present and past situation. It therefore also gave me full confidence in what the future holds for me and Debbie was able to clear any doubts or fears about my situation. I highly recommend a reading with Debbie as she combines a finely tuned intuition with a crystal clear yet calm delivery of the answers one seeks.”
– Ariane, Leicester

“Debbie’s readings are transformative experiences, mini-journeys in our soul where the space is filled with respect, empathy and amazing insight.”
– Stefania, London

“A very gentle informative reading acknowledging my position and options – this has given me confirmation and Clarity where needed. Thank you very much.”
– Mary

“Thank you very much Debbie for this beautiful reading. It gave me clarity and courage and confidence to move forward and further on my path. I was very pleased to see you again. Already in March 2017 you gave me the clarity I needed to take actions.”
– Ann, Dorking

“Wonderful reading: very accurate and clear message given by a lovely lady, so warm and friendly. Came away feeling very positive for the future.”
– Rosie

“Wonderful calming energy; very intuitive as well as accuracy on the Angel cards. I’m pretty good at reading people and I felt a genuine sincerity from you.”
– Natasha

“Beautiful cards, beautiful reading… perfect to encourage me in the next step of my adventures. Thank you for your gift.”
– Carol

“You have re-awakened all the truly wonderful things that have occurred in my life. I shall remember you.”
– Betty

“Remarkable reading – it has helped me to decide on my next journey in life! Thank you so much. “
– Pat

“Really enjoyed the reading; answered a lot of my questions on life.”
– Helen

“So warm and friendly, gave guidance and help in aspects of my life which were so much needed. Thank you Debbie.”
– Ursula

Mindfulness Testimonials

 “One or two minutes felt like a lifetime of experience – so fresh and vibrant, so memorable, expansive, meaningful, and deep on so many levels.”
– Jeannie